Utopia del quieto vivere

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Artist: Amplifire
Title: Utopia del quieto vivere
Genre: Pop Rock
Support: CD Audio
Web Site: Amplifire

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Artist: Amplifire
Title: Utopia del quieto vivere
Genre: Pop Rock
Release Data: january 2018
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Musicians :
Marco Nik Nicolini : chitarre
Ivo Netti Maghini: armoniche e voci
Dario Mono Scagliotti : basso elettrico
Paolo Paolino Susani : batteria
Andrea Garlic Sacco : quinto elemento

Amplifire – Utopia
Amplifire is a charge of Rock to protect itself from modern pitfalls and the feeling of being in a world imagined through the futuristic
comics of the 80s.
It is the result of a refined and handmade musical baggage: an urban perspective from the cages of the city, where the human element merges with machines, is the need to express itself in spite of everything.
Amplifire is an uncomfortable island in the sea of easy choices, a sincere look between worn-out souls and apples in shoes.

Songs on the CD

Amplifire – Utopia del quieto vivere

  1. Venderesti l’anima
  2. Introduzione alla sofferenza
  3. Tu soffri
  4. La nostra musica
  5. Soulfree
  6. Invito a cogliere l’onda
  7. L’onda
  8. + Controllo
  9. Supereroi
  10. Senza sole
  11. Preparazione al logorio dell’anima
  12. Anime logore
  13. Cieli in fiamme
  14. Il Rock ‘n’ Roll
  15. Apples in My Shoes
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