Andrea Sacchi
Blues Train

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Artists: Andrea Sacchi
Title: Blues Train
Genre: Blues
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: Andrea Sacchi
Title: Blues Train
Genre: Blues
Release date: july 2012
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Andrea “Slim” Sacchi: Harp
Paolo Terlingo: Guitar
Alessandro Bernini: Piano
William Moroni: Drums
Davide Busnelli: Bass
Janmarco “Jimmi” Straniero: Double Bass

Andrea Sacchi – ‘Blues Train’ ‘. The beginning was the ideaof resuming the unfinished issue of Paul Butterfield Blues Band when in 1966 released the glorious “East West”. That masterpiece included an instrumental track, “Work Song“, which became immediately a classic tune where you could verify each young and respectable blues band’s courage. Along with “Hideway” by Freddy King, a song by jazzman Nat Adderley which to date constitutes “The Instrumental” which all bands mixes with their repertoire, necessarily made up of sung pieces. Here comes into play Andrea “Slim” Sacchi’s idea: resuming the leading thread just from “Work Song” trying to create a record completely based on that philosophy.: shuffle stolen from greatest jazzmen’s performances and revitalized through bluesy blood. Therefore this album “features” Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, Bobby Timmons and many othe great jazz musicians properly warmed up.
Sacchi plays at his best accompanied by Paolo Terlingo at the guitar, Alessandro Bernini at the piano and the Rude Mood’s granitic rhythm section, i.e. Davide Busnelli and William Moroni. All Recording sessions have been based on live dimension without a single drop of overdubbing, just to get that 60’s sound thought by Sacchi and Terlingo.
The blend became complete with some “originals” and an acoustic version of “Society”, a masterpiece by Eddie Veddere and also soundtrack of the movie “Into The Wild”.

Songs on the CD

Andrea Sacchi – ‘ Blues Train ‘

  1. Peki’s Waltz
  2. Alfie’s Theme
  3. Slim Walkin’ 12
  4. Harpo (The Cat)
  5. Alone
  6. Work Song
  7. Society
  8. Moanin’
  9. Fried Pies
  10. Mr P.C.
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