Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
Heroes & Friends

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Artists: Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
Title: Heroes & Friends
Genre: Blues
Package: USB Card
Web Site: Fabrizio Poggi

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Artists: Fabrio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
Title: Heroes & Friends
Genre: Blues
Release date: 1997
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Fabrizio Poggi: vocals, harp, rubboard, percussions
Gianfranco “French” Scala:guitars
Maurizio Fassino: guitars
Davide Giorgi: piano, organ, accordion, double bass
Giuseppe “Joe” Barreca: bass
Corrado Ciceri: drums

F. Poggi & Chicken Mambo – ‘Heroes & Friends’ as already announced by the titile includes many guests’ and friends’ performance, while the band changed partially members and name., turned into Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo.
In the third album of the band there are the famous Cajun rocker Zachary Richard (vocals and accordion on two tracks), DonMcCalister and his band (which included Eamon McLouglin, now with the Greencards, Donnie Price (legendary Texan bassist who played with many great artists) and Slim Richey (appreciated Texan guitarist and producer); Billy Gregory extraordinary blues guitarist (he was one of the founders of the “It’s a beautiful day” and performed and recorded with John Lee Hooker and Willy DeVille).
There are many friends who contributed to the success of this album including Vince Vallicelli, David Teicher, and Joseph Di Carlo.The most significant songs chosen among originals and covers are “Hey Evangeline,” “Bayou Queen” (both with Zachary Richard), “What the Cowboys say” (with Don McCalister); “Chicken Gumbo” and “Creole Angel” (with Billy Gregory and Vince Vallicelli); “I’m a King Bee” by Slim Harpo, the classic “See you later alligator”, the very first version of “Sweet Cajun flower”, the personal and successful cover of “Stand by Me”; “Dead Shrimp “by Robert Johnson and” Canzone Delle Rondini ” a touching translation of a Zachary Richard’s song.

Recorded and mixed by Luigi Pivett: Dario Ravelli; Davide Giorgi
Produced by: Fabrizio Poggi
Executive producer: Angela Megassini, Chicken Mambo
Record Label: Bon Ton Roulet
Release Year: 1997

The product is distributed via USB Card 1GB in which will be inserted in high quality mp3 (or wav on request) and electronic disc booklet: an excellent opportunity to have a great value to our music and a convenient USB support and pocket-sized, shaped like a credit card, reusable as you want.

Songs on the CD

Fabrio Poggi & Chicken Mambo – Heroes & Friends

  1. Hey Evangeline
  2. What the cowboys say
  3. I’m a king bee
  4. Chicken gumbo
  5. Sweet cajun flower
  6. See you later alligator
  7. Bayou queen
  8. Canzone delle rondini (Au bord de Lac Bijou)
  9. Roamin’ blues
  10. Big chief
  11. Creole angel
  12. Stand by me
  13. Bluesharp
  14. Dead shrimp
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