Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
Spirit & Freedom

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Artists: Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
Title: Spirit & Freedom
Genre: Blues
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Web Site: Fabrizio Poggi

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Artists: Fabrio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
Title: Spirit & Freedom
Genre: Blues
Release date: april 2010
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Musicianms :
Fabrizio Poggi: voce, armonica
Maurizio Fassino: chitarra acustica, voci
Bobby J. Sacchi: fisarmonica, voci
Gianfranco Scala: chitarre, voci
Roberto Re: basso e voci
Stefano Bertolotti: batteria e percussioni

Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo – ‘Spirit & Freedom’ , elected album of the year by “Buscadero” magazine and reviewed with precious words across Italy and overseas, it’s a worthy sequel for “Mercy”,.

Mercy touched many people’s heart especially in United States: different artists, astonished by Fabrizio’s music and passion, wanted to take part in his new album, bringing as a gift exciting musical moments. “Spirit & Freedom” regains and expands “Mercy’s” blues and gospel atmospheres, opening up to gentle and moving trespasses into traditional american songwriting, whose matrixs are Roots and Folk, genres wich has always been part of Fabrizio’s musical background. The album, Mainly recorded in United States, as many others works of his, boasts eminent guests: The Blind Boys Of Alabama, Flaco Jimenez, Garth Hudson, Charlie Musselwhite, Augie Meyers, Eric Bibb, Guy Davis, Billy Joe Shaver, Tish Hinojosa, Mickey Raphael, Kevin Welch, Debbi Walton, Nora Guthrie, Mike Blakely, Johnny Greenberg, Bill Small, Kelley Mickwee, Annie Acton, Shan Kowert, Maud Hudson, Jimmy Davis, Mike Cross , Melissa Weatherly , Bryan Maldonado, BB Morse, Erica Opizzi, Betti Verri, Lavita Kerley Williams e Areasa Quinton, Brian Standefer, Donnie Price, Marco “Python” Fecchio, Stefano Intelisano. Here is another unforgettable travel through Blues and Roots by Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo…

Songs on the CD

Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo – ‘ Spirit & Freedom ‘

  1. I’m on my way (Traditional)
  2. I shall be released
  3. Stayed on freedom (Traditional)
  4. Halleluja
  5. In my hour of darkness
  6. I heard the angels singin’
  7. They killed Him
  8. Jesus called me in Heaven
  9. Spiritual
  10. My peace
  11. Jesus Christ
  12. Mr. Bojangles
  13. We shall not be moved
  14. He was a friend of mine (Traditional)
  15. Heaven stood still
  16. Live forever
  17. Glory Glory (Traditional)
  18. Spirit & Freedom
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