Fabrizio Poggi Francesco Garolfi
The Breath of Soul

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Artists: Fabrizo Poggi Francesco Garolfi
Title: The Breath of soul
Genre: Blues
Package: USB Card
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Web Site: Francesco Garolfi

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Artists: Fabrio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
Title: Live in Texas
Genre: Blues
: september 2006
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Fabrizio Poggi: Harmonica, Vocals
Francesco Garolfi: Guitars, Vocals.

F. Poggi, F. Garolfi – ‘The Breath Of Soul” . Fabrizio Poggi, Hohner Harmonica Award 2007, started playing blues at the end of the 80’s, choosing harmonica as his main instrument, becoming, along with his band Chicken Mambo, one of the best-known Italian soloist. He recorded 6 album with his band, one of which produced and performed in the United States, a well-known country for him, through several travels especially across the southern states. He had several frequent and qualified collaborations with Italian and foreign artists (Garth Hudson, Zachary Richard, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jimmy La Fave and many others). At the same time of his performing activities he also works as a teacher and as a writerjournalist. In 2005 he wrote a book dedicated to tales, legenda and myths of harmonica whose ideal sequel is the acoustic album entitled “The Breath of the Soul”: the emotional soundtrack of his writing. In this fascinating work, Fabrizio Poggi, along with Francesco Garolfi playing guitar and performing vocals, narrates through music the tales and legends spread around about Harmonica, the main instrument of one of the most beloved musical style across the world: Blues.
“The Breath Of The Soul” CD received an enthusiastic appreciation by many national and international musical magazines (Il Blues, Jam, Fb Folk Bulletin, Blueswax, Harmonica World…); nowadays it has reached its third reissue.

Il prodotto è distribuito tramite USB Card da 1GB nel quale verranno inseriti gli mp3 in ottima risoluzione (o in wav su richiesta) e il booklet elettronico del disco: un’ottima occasione per avere a un ottimo prezzo la nostra musica e un supporto USB comodo e tascabile, a forma di carta di credito, riutilizzabile come vuoi.

The product is distributed via USB Card 1GB in which will be inserted in high quality mp3 (or wav on request) and electronic disc booklet: an excellent opportunity to have a great value to our music and a convenient USB support and pocket-sized, shaped like a credit card, reusable as you want.

Songs on the CD

Fabrizio Poggi e Francesco Garolfi – ‘ The Breath Of Soul ‘

  1. Soul Of Man
  2. Dust My Broom
  3. John The Revelator
  4. Diving Duck Blues
  5. Song For Angelina
  6. Crossroad Blues
  7. Pay Day
  8. Beefsteak Blues
  9. Glory Glory
  10. Another Man Done Gone
  11. Checkin’ Up On My Baby
  12. The Breath Of Soul
  13. Sitting On The Top Of The World
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