Fabrizio Poggi
Songs For Angelina

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Artists: Fabrizio Poggi
Title: Songs For Angelina
Genre: Blues
Package: USB Card
Web Site: Fabrizio Poggi

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Artists: Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo
Title: Songs For Angelina (Ten Years of the road)
Genre: Blues
Release date: 18 august 2001
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records
Record Label: Music On

Executive producers
Gigi Bresciani
Chicken Mambo

The product is distributed via USB Card 1GB in which will be inserted in high quality mp3 (or wav on request) and electronic disc booklet: an excellent opportunity to have a great value to our music and a convenient USB support and pocket-sized, shaped like a credit card, reusable as you want.

This compilation includes Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo’s best songs from their previous four cds plus four songs previously unreleased and two songs recorded live in USA and Europe.

Songs on the CD

Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo – “Songs For Angelina”

  1. I Wish to Be In Texas
  2. What the Cowboys Say
  3. I’m On the Road Again
  4. Song for Angelina
  5. Mexican moon
  6. Guantanamera
  7. Hey Evangeline
  8. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu
  9. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
  10. Stand By Me
  11. Bayou Queen
  12. Sweet Cajun Flower
  13. La Bamba
  14. Under the Southern Sky

Other Publications

Texas Blues Voices – (Fabrizio Poggi) 2016
Il soffio della libertà: il blues e i diritti civili – (Fabrizio Poggi) 2015
Spaghetti Juke Joint – (Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo) 2014
Juba Dance – (Guy Davis feat. Fabrizio Poggi 2013 – European version
Spirit of mercy: a collection – (Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo) 2013
Harpway – (Fabrizio Poggi) 2012
Live in Texas – (Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo) 2011
Spirit & Freedom – (Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo) 2010
Mercy – (Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo) 2008
The breath of soul – (Fabrizio Poggi & Francesco Garolfi ) 2006
Armonisiana – (Fabrizio Poggi) 2003
Songs For Angelina – (Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo) 2001
Nuther World – (Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo) 1999
Heroes & Freinds – (Fabrizio Poggi e Chicken Mambo) 1997
Under the Soutern Sky – (Chicken Mambo) 1995
Mississippi Moon – (Chicken Mambo) 1993

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