Grace in Sand
Under The Rust

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Artists: Grace in Sand
Title: Under The Rust
Genre: Blues
Package: USB Card
Web Site: Grace in Sand

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Artists: Grace in Sand
Title: Under The Rust
Genre: Blues
Releas date: july 2013
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Toni Palmitesta: drums
Enrico Castello: bass
Rino Villano: vocals, guitars, harp

Giorgio Guirreri: resophonic guitar, lap steel, background vocals.

Grace In Sand. UNDER THE RUST is the second album by “Grace in Sand”, recorded in April 2013, it was born in a co-production with Ultra Sound Records led by Stefano Bertolotti. The acoustic paths the former and self-produced album crossed over have become more electric, however, without forsaking the integrity of that sound which characterizes them. The CD starts up with “Sign on dust” featuring an important rhythmic section that will paint the different colors of the album.The first part of the cd flows through pieces clearly inspired by “roots” music, such as “Hall of Mirrors”, “Step Alone” and “Skin wood”, instead “While” introduces an almost “Indie” sound.
Inside the instrumental song “Morning Light”, which gives life to the second part, we can find again the more intimist atmospheres of the “Grace in Sand”, with their thin and dreamy sound announced by “The old news ” where the acoustic guitars and the “accordion” of Rino Villano are found again and which, along with Enrico Castello at the bass and Antonio Palmitesta at the drums, continue the trip with Ramblin son, showing us border-music tastes.
On the final pieces there is the precious support of Giorgio Guirreri, who offers his resophonic guitar and lap steel guitar, perfectly tuned into Grace’s atmospheres, traveling on the sinuous “Lambrate” and on the dusty “Wandering”, while in the middle we can find “Smoke on the Eyes”, one of the songs which more represents the spirit and the color of the band.

The product is distributed via USB Card 1GB in which will be inserted in high quality mp3 (or wav on request) and electronic disc booklet: an excellent opportunity to have a great value to our music and a convenient USB support and pocket-sized, shaped like a credit card, reusable as you want.

Songs on the CD

Grace In Sand – ‘ Under The Rust ‘

  1. Sign On Dust
  2. While
  3. Hall of Mirrors
  4. Step Alone
  5. Womans, Tears and Gold
  6. Skin Wood
  7. Morning Light
  8. The Old News
  9. Ramblin Son
  10. Santa Cecilia
  11. Lambrate
  12. Smoke On the Eyes
  13. Wandering
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