Lello Petrarca

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Artista: Lello Petrarca
Titolo: Collection
Genere: Jazz
Supporto: USB Card
Sito Web: Lello Petrarca

The product you are buying is a USB Card.

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Artist: Lello Petrarca
Title: Collection
Genre: Jazz
Record Company: settembre 2017
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Lello Petraca : Piano

‘Lello Petrarca’Collection – Piano

The product is distributed via 1GB USB Card in which the mp3s will be inserted in excellent resolution (or wav on request) and the electronic booklet of the disc: an excellent opportunity to have our music and a comfortable USB support at a great price and pocket-sized, credit card-shaped, reusable however you want.

Songs on the CD

Lello Petrarca ‘COLLECTION’

  1. Estate
  2. Il carnevale di Venezia
  3. Il volo del calabrone
  4. Summertime
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