Mandolin Brothers
Far Out

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Artists: Mandolin Brothers
Title: Far Out
Genre: Blues
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Artists: Mandolin Brothers
Title: Far Out
Genre: Blues
Release Data: january 2014
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Jimmy Ragazzon: voce solista, harp e chitarra acustica
Paolo Canevari: chitarre e National Steel
Marco Rovino: voce, mandolino e chitarre
Riccardo Maccabruni: voce, fisarmonica, piano ed organo
Joe Barreca: basso e contrabbasso
Daniele Negro: batteria e percussioni

Mandolin Brothers- . Far Out is the new Mandolin’ Brothers album, the last accomplishment of this Italian band that has been offering its own personal and original idea of American roots – rock sound for over 35 years. This is their fifth release, the result of their collaboration with the producer and musician Jono Manson (who acts as both artistic producer as well as vocalist – guitarist) and sees the participation of other distinguished guests such as Cindy Cashdollar ( Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, etc. ), John Popper ( Blues Travelers ), Ed Abbiati ( Lowlands ), Stefano Bertolotti ( Chemako ), TPN Horn Section and other friends.

The album consists of thirteen original songs, composed by different members of the band and enhanced by the usual collaborative work. Although continuing with their traditional Mandolin’ Brothers groove, this collection of songs widens the sound of their previous productions as it is more rock – oriented. The vast array of styles make this work extremely varied and interesting, showing a definite evolution of the overall sound and atmosphere typical of the band.

Ballads, Blues, Country Rock, R & R, a dash of New Orleans’ sound, along with a significant vocal enhancement are the components that make this Far Out a safe and valuable step forward for one of the greatest roots rock bands made in Italy .

Song on the CD

Mandolin Brothers – ‘ Far Out ‘

  1. Freak Out Train
  2. Come On Linda
  3. Someone Else
  4. Circus
  5. Nightmare in Alamo
  6. Ask the Devil
  7. Sorry If
  8. Bad Liver Blues
  9. Short Long Story
  10. Lotus Eaters
  11. Black Oil
  12. My Last Day
  13. Hey Senorita


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