MRB Trio
Still Alive

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Artists: MRB Trio
Title: Still Alive
Genre: Blues
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Artists: MRB Trio
Title: Still Alive
Genre: Blues
Release date: january 2014
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Roberto Re: bass
Marcello Milanese: guitars and vocals
Stefano Bertolotti: drums

MRB Trio ‘Still alive’. Is the seventh CD by Marcello Milanese.
The Mag Mell Irish Pub in Alessandria hosts on its stage, since 2010, some of the greatest Italian and international interpreters of the blues and roots music from Jono Manson to Mandolin Brothers, Max De Bernardi, Dave Ferguson, to name a few ( .
On 19 September 2013, the trio recorded with the mobile studio run by Eduardo Adamo, “Still Alive at Mag Mell“, to capture the energy that characterizes their live music: their equipment is essential and the spirit is truly vintage. The tracklist opens with “Second Hand Man” from the first record of Marcello Milanese (Wrong Time Wrong Place 1999 released by Bad Man records) and continues with the first of the new songs the trio, the autobiographic shuffle ” My Life In Ruin” . On “Friday Mood” and “Bring Me Alcohol” Milanese temporarily leaves the faithful Gretsch and takes up his homemade Helleluja H1: these songs are excerpts from the solo album “Goodnight To The Bucket” (2012) but thanks to the bass grooves of Roberto Re and rhythmic talent Bertolotti , these blues acquire a large unexpected power . The songs have a great variety of styles : from the mexican- bolero “Between Heaven And Hell”, to the 50’s rock and roll of “I Love My Baby ‘s Home” to the dark rock of “Frank Castle Blues”, a song dedicated to a Marvel comics character. The ballad “Dark & Darker” seems to come from the soundtrack of a spaghetti western movie but then, with “Pay The Band”, the three ironize about themselves, dedicating a song to the work of the musician (“Hey boss can you fell the smell – your live blues club is burning – next time … pay the band”) . ” Moonshine Boogie” echoes the darker sound of the Mississippi while “Medicine Man ” (taken from “Like A Wolf In A Chicken Shack” in 2010) mixes Blues and sounds of the Pacific Islands. Extracted from the CD of the Black Smokers (released by Pravda Records in Chicago in 2009) is “Hey Mama” which often closes the concerts of the group, but the last track is “Me & My Gun” (which opened the CD ” It Vis Rocknroll Parabellum”) a classic in Milanese’s repertoire. The photos of the CD book are by Chiara Saitta, photographer from Genua who documented the night of recording with his brilliant cinematic touch. The album was mixed and mastered by Roberto Re and Stefano Bertolotti in the ULTRASOUND studio: The USR label since 2001 takes care of editing and music production, especially jazz and blues, the catalog is online on iTunes and distributed in stores by the IRD.

The product is distributed via USB Card 1GB in which will be inserted in high quality mp3 (or wav on request) and electronic disc booklet: an excellent opportunity to have a great value to our music and a convenient USB support and pocket-sized, shaped like a credit card, reusable as you want.

Songs on the CD

MRB TRIO- ‘ Still Alive ‘

  1. Second Hand Man
  2. My Life in Ruin
  3. Friday Mood
  4. Between Heaven and Hell
  5. I Love My Baby’s Home
  6. Frank Castle Blues
  7. Dark & Darker
  8. Pay the Band
  9. Moonshine Boogie
  10. Bring Me Alcohol
  11. Medicine Man
  12. Hey Mama
  13. Me and My Gun
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