Paolo Terlingo Andrea Sacchi
Seven Days

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Artists: Paolo Terlingo Andrea Sacchi
Title: Seven Days
Genre: Blues
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: Paolo Terlingo Andrea Sacchio
Title: Seven Days
Genre: Blues
Release date: 2007
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Paolo Terlingo: guitars and vocals
Andrea Sacchi: harmonica.

Songs on the CD

Paolo Terlingo e Andrea Sacchi – “Seven Days ‘

  1. No Mo’ Talking
  2. Lost Bag Blues
  3. Drop-D Voodoo
  4. 35 Cent
  5. More Blues (according to her red shoes)
  6. Eve
  7. Lost
  8. The Last Go Round
  9. Plymouth Fury III
  10. The Fall
  11. Same Shit, Different Day
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