Sugar Ray Dogs
Absolutely Nothing

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Artist: Sugar Ray Dogs
Title: US-CD215/S
Genre: Rock
Supporto: CD Audio

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Artist: Sugar Ray Dogs
Title: Absolutely Nothing
Genre: Rock
Release Data: marzo 2019
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Ernani Ray Natarella: Chitarra e Voce solista
Antonio “Mr.boss” Quartarone – Tastiera
Edorado scroccaro – Basso
Stefano Bertolotti – Batteria

Sugar Ray Dogs – Absolutely Nothing.

Song on the CD

Sugar Ray Dogs – ‘ Absolutely Nothing ‘

  1. Getting Ready for Love
  2. Snow in the Desert
  3. Face Your History
  4. Shame After Shame
  5. Vagabond
  6. Moonshiners
  7. You Should Be an Angel
  8. You Gotta Move
  9. Falling Apart
  10. 29 Palms
  11. Absolutely Nothing

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