The Rude Mood
The Rude Mood III

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Artists: The Rude Mood
Title: The Rude Mood III
Genre: Blues
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: The Rude Mood
Title: The Rude Mood III
Genre: Blues
Release date: 2009
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Musicians :
Paolo Terlingo: guitar
William “Blues Willis” Moroni: drums
Davide Busnelli: bass
Alessandro Bernini: piano
Andrea Sacchi: harp

Paolo Bonfanti: voice, guitar on track 7
Dora Lee: voice on track 2

The Rude Mood – ‘The Rude Mood III’ is the third work by homonymous blues-band from Pavia and the sum of musicians’ past experiences, especially Paolo Terlingo’s and Andrea Sacchi’s one with their duo project. The sound of the band has now settled on Muddy Water’s combo-blues matrix typical of the 60’s, also not forgetting rock-blues masters’ lessons , especially Freddy King’s and Johnny Winter’s ones. “The Rude Mood III” includes nine original tracks performed “live” and each one composed by Paolo Terling: 40 minutes of good blues, no compromises…

Songs on the CD

Rude Mood – ‘ The Rude Mood III ‘

  1. Blues for breakfast
  2. Blackboard
  3. Just Like You
  4. Slim Lonesome Cabin
  5. Wiitgenstein Shuffle
  6. Nu Orleans Blues
  7. That’s Enough
  8. Bad Mood
  9. Clare



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