Project Description


Christian Draghi is a singer and guitar player from the Appenino Mountains in the north of Italy. From 2008 till 2018 he’s been voice and six strings of the heavy rock trio Doctor Cyclops, with whom he has recorded three Lps and toured Europe several times. Between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, while going through a deep personal crisis, instead of getting psychological help he started writing some songs. «It was pretty clear that they had nothing to do with the sound of my band Dr Cyclops» says Draghi. «That’s why I decided to start my first solo project as a singer songwriter called “Black Roses & Hats”».

Musicians :

Christian Draghi vocals, guitars, piano
Riccardo Maccabruni backing vocals, piano, hammond organ
Roberto Re bass
Stefano Bertolotti drums, percussions
Marco Rovino guitars
Alessandro Dallera drums
Adriano Cancro cello
Chiara Giacobbe violin
Andres Villani sax
Claudio Perelli clarinet
Paolo ‘Buddy Blues’ Leandri harp


Christian Draghi
Christian Draghi

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