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Paolo Bonifacio Born in Liguria, Italy, Bonifacio lives in Milan, where he teaches Physics and Mathematics at the American School of Milan. His path is a superposition of scientific and music activity, thanks to which he has travelled, lived and played in Canada, Brazil, France, Scotland and England. His musical roots are in psychedelia, 70s rock/prog and blues. His first album, Back To Back, has been published as Paolo Bonifacio by Ultra Sound Records in 2014. The live shows, the Madeyes Sessions with Marco Giannetti on flute and Timo Orlandi on bass, are characterized by plenty of improvisation and are a crossover of psychedelia, blues and prog-rock. The new album, Zero Over Zero, first studio work for the Madeyes project, features various collaborations, including Marco Pandolfi e Riccardo Grosso on harmonica, Stefano Bertolotti on drums, Andrea Paganetto on trumpet and Anna Bazueva on vocals and additional flutes. The album develops the live material further, adding new soundscapes and an increased level of detail. The release is set for January 2019..

Musicisti :

Paolo Bonifacio – chitarre, voci, programming
Marco Giannetti – flauto traverso
Timo Orlandi – basso
Stefano Bertolotti – batteria, percussioni

Con la collaborazione di:
Andrea Paganetto – tromba
Marco Pandolfi e Riccardo Grosso – armoniche
Anna Bazueva – voci, flauti addizionali
Alberto Manuzzi – hammond
Margaux Bricler – vocals


Paolo Bonifacio Madeyes
Bonifacio Madeyes

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