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L’umana resistenza

Alex Cambise
L’umana resistenza

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Artist: Alex Cambise
Title: L’umana resistenza
Genre: Pop Italiano
PAckage: CD Audio
Web Site: Alex Cambise

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Artist: Alex Cambise
Title: L’umana resistenza
Genre: Pop Italiano
Release date: october 2012
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Alex Cambise: vocals, guitars, bass, keys and Mandolin
Nicola Manniello: Piano & Hammond (08 – 09)
Riccardo Maccabruni: Piano & Accordion (1 -2-5-11)
Oscar Palma: Drums
Lisa “Liz” Petty: back vocals
Maurizio “Gnola” Glielmo: Slide Guitar (06)
Daniele Tenca: vocals(05)
Edward Abbiati : vocals (O4)
Dario Gay: vocals (11)
Massimo Maltese: Sax contralto (07)

‘ L’Umana Resistenza ‘ After Two years since the debut as a soloist with “Tre Vie Per Un Respiro” and after a break with an english-sung Ep “Carry On”, Alex Cambise came back with a new album “L’Umana Resistenza”. Two years rich in experiences and concerts which has strenghtened his wish for telling stories about this Italy which seems to deserve uncomplaining and defeated words by everyone. After a voyage inside yourself and inside human beings, now it’s time to open eyes and to have a look around, wihout giving up, to become aware of the situation and to try to change things deeply. The leading thread linking all pieces it’s, like is suggested by title, the description of “existing souls” active or passive , willing or not willing, aware or less aware, starting from the single character ( the fireman in “Canzone per Vladimir Pravik” or the laborer with “Invisibile”) till the generational cries like “Nati nei ’70” or “Pace e Libertà”. Although the purpose is more focused on Italy as a country, there are also portraits of happenings and men absorbed in other historical, economical and geographical contexts. The search for a sound without time that could be placed anytime “inside the time” and “outside the time”(forgive us for this wordplay)has been the greatest challenge in terms of sound levevel, along with the search for essentiality on a compositional level and for what regards arrangement, tryin to privilege simple musical themes, which well combine with some lyrical soloutions which are more rough and allegorical compared to Cambise’s figures of speech we are used to.. Some choices apparently banal are adopted, often through an hard attempt by the artist himself. to obtain the most in terms of lexical “clearness”, and also musical and narrative one, going straight toward the target, without trying to find a “dribbling” or a trick. that maybe would supply more formal appeal but it would divert from a final purpose. A rough album with heavvy stories, where each episode comes from the particular aiming to a mission, become universal. With a perfect balance between Rock, Folk, Blues and singer-songwriter song, tracks come out of the speaker with resounding electric guitars and drums (an excelent Oscar Palma) sometimes softly thorugh acoustic guitars, mandolins and accordion (Riccardo Maccabruni), in a convincing mix of acoustic and electric coming from the best tradition of American Roots-Rock. An album written listening at American having Italy in their soul and a better future inside their heart.

Alex Cambise- ‘ L’Umana Resistenza ‘

  1. Nati Nel 70
  2. Canzone Per Vladimir Pravik
  3. Come Macchine
  4. Nostra Signora Dei Sogni Cadenti
  5. Pace E Libertà
  6. Io Rimango Qua
  7. Invisibile
  8. Io Non Cadrò
  9. Ottobre 1918
  10. Novecento
  11. Sete Piccoli Indiani
  12. La Nostra Primavera


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L’umana resistenza

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