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Harp Blowin Slim

Andrea Sacchi
Harp Blowin Slim

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Artists: Andrea Sacchi
Title: Harp Blowin Slim
Genre: Blues
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: Andrea Sacchi
Title: Harp Blowin’ Slim
Genre: Blues
Release date: 2007
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Andrea Sacchi: harmonica
Paolo Terlingo: vocals and guitar
Davide “Basna” Busnelli: bass
William “Blues Willis” Moroni: drums
Alessandro Bernini: piano
Angelo Bosoni: guitar
Silvio Piacentini: guitar.

Andrea Sacchi – ‘ Harp Blowin’ Slim ‘

  1. Me and my crazy self
  2. Black jack
  3. Good time Charlie
  4. Angelino coffee break pt1
  5. From four till late
  6. Messing with the kids
  7. Start ovar again
  8. Late afternoon blues
  9. Half ain’t been told
  10. Angelino coffee break pt2


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Harp Blowin Slim

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