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Bonifacio Madeyes Zero Over Zero

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Artists: Bonifacio Madeyes
Title: Zero Over Zero
Genre: Rock
Support: CD Audio

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85 in stock

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Artisa: Bonifacio Madeyes
Title: Zero Over Zero
Genre: Rock
Release Date: January 2019
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Paolo Bonifacio – guitar, voices, programming
Marco Giannetti – traverse flute
Timo Orlandi – bass
Stefano Bertolotti – drum, percussions

With the collaboration of :
Andrea Paganetto – trumpet
Marco Pandolfi e Riccardo Grosso – harmonich
Anna Bazueva – voices, additional flutes
Alberto Manuzzi – hammond

Margaux Bricler – vocals

ZERO OVER ZERO . Zero Over Zero. Zero divided by Zero. As a mathematical operation it is indefinite. It gains a meaning only when it is thought of as a dynamical process, where two quantities keep being divided as they tend to get smaller and smaller, without an end. Depending on how the two quantities approach zero in relation to each other, the result can potentially be anything, any finite number or even reach infinity. Starting from this idea Zero Over Zero refers to the many possible manifestations of Being and to the way infinitesimally small changes, apparently insignificant, can lead to radically different outcomes and life situations. The album tracks move from real or imaginary biographic episodes, outlining the facts or reinventing and sketching possible alternatives.

Bonifacio Madeyes – “Zero Over Zero”

  1. Ragweed Dog
  2. Has Anyone Seen My Baby
  3. Black Blood
  4. Hold Back – OQZ
  5. Another Lie
  6. Very Natural
  7. Fell On The Ground – Love Depression
  8. Water
  9. Salvation II
  10. Night Song
  11. Zero Over Zero
  12. Don’t Give Up On Me

Bonifacio Madeyes – Zero Over Zero/strong>


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