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Loud & Clear

Brian Langlinais
Loud & Clear

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Artista: Brian Langlinais
Titolo: Loud & Clear
Genere: Blues
Supporto: CD Audio

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Artista: Brian Langlinais
Titolo: Loud & Clear
Genere: Blues
Data di uscita: agosto 2014
Casa discografica: UltraSoundRecords

Steve Conn: Piano/organ/accordion
Danny Flowers: guitar
George Marinelli: guitar
Pat McLaughlin: acoustic guitar
Bill McDermott: percussion
Bryan Owings: drums/percussion
James Pennebaker: guitar
Rick Plant – bass
Walt Wilkins: acoustic guitar/background vocals
Ashley Cleveland: background vocals
Jonell Mosser: background vocals

Brian Langlinais – ‘ Loud & Clear ‘

  1. I’d Rather Be Blind
  2. Loud & Clear
  3. Love To Burn
  4. Soul Food
  5. A Lover Is Forever
  6. I Wish I Could Be That Strong
  7. Reason to Try
  8. Shadow of Doubt
  9. Big Legged Woman
  10. This Should Go On Forever

Brian Langlinais – Loud & Clear


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Loud & Clear

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