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Ratafolk 2007

Collettivo Mazzulata
Ratafolk 2007

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Artists: Colletivo Mazzulata
Title: Ratafolk-2007
Genre: World
Package/strong>: CD Audio
Web Site: Collettivo Mazzulata

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Artists: Collettivo Mazzulata
Title: Ratafolk 2007
Genre: World
Release date: 2007
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Gio Rossi: Bass, drums, piano, arrangements
Alice Rossi: Voice, piano
Freya Nichisolo: Percussions, piano, backgroung vocals
Carlo Grazioli : Elettric and acustic guitar, Banjo
Numa Sosa: Elettric guitar, backgroung vocals
Emiliano Romano: Tenor and soprano sax, backgroung vocals
Ilaria Zen: Accordion
Luca Grasso: Drums
Marco Mengoni: Drums
Cesco Marchese: Bass
Nonna Nadia: Advisor for romagnolo dialect and popular songs
Sciur Rossi : Advisor for lombardo dialect and filastroccheular songs.

Collettivo Mazzulata – ‘Ratafolk 2007’. Ratafolk 2007: The Italian folk music, poems and carols completely reinterpreted and rearranged thorugh a mix of New Orleans music, latin, blues, surf rock and many different musical shades. “Collettivo Mazzulata” it’s a completely new project , whose purpose is to modernize as well to retrieve a well-known Italian tradition: “Ratafolk and FilastRock” (“CarolRock”) it’s their motto!

Collettivo Mazzulata – ‘ Ratafolk 2007 ‘

  1. Girotondo
  2. La bella lavanderina
  3. Sciuri Sciuri
  4. La Marianna
  5. Madama Dorè
  6. La vispa Teresa
  7. San Martino
  8. Sciur Padrun


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Ratafolk 2007

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