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Nuvole e caffè

Deagatone e Russo
Nuvole e caffè

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Artists: Deagatone e Russo
Title: Nuvole e caffè
Genre: Jazz
Package: USB Card

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Artists: Deagatone e Russo
Title: Nuvole e caffè
Genre: Jazz
Release date: june 2010
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Stefano Deagatone: sax
Franco Russo: piano

Deagatone e Russo ‘Nuvole e caffè’ The project “Nuvole e Caffè” comes from the encounter between two musicians who found a balance point and better interplay in saxophonepiano duo. Pieces, mainly original compositions, bring pianist Franco Russo and saxophonist Stefano Deagatone to a concentrate of musical ideas, whitout giving the sensation of the lack of a rhythmic section. Freshness and immediacy of performing makes this work sound like a live recording.

The product is distributed via USB Card 1GB in which will be inserted in high quality mp3 (or wav on request) and electronic disc booklet: an excellent opportunity to have a great value to our music and a convenient USB support and pocket-sized, shaped like a credit card, reusable as you want.

Deagatone, Russo – ‘ Nuvole e caffè ‘

  1. Sun City
  2. Drawing Room Blues
  3. In Memory of Leannie Nichols
  4. La tigre in vetrina
  5. To Soon
  6. Rose
  7. Nuvole e caffè
  8. Lonnie’s Lament
  9. Libero arbitrio
  10. La tigre in vetrina
  11. Lady Luck


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Nuvole e caffè

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