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Dream dancing

D’Onofrio e Ferrara
Dream dancing

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Artists: D’Onofrio e Ferrara
Title: Dream dancing
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio
Web Site: Moreno D'Onofrio e Luigi Ferrara

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Artists: D’Onofrio e Ferrara
Title: Dream dancing
Genre: Jazz
Release date: june 2010
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Moreno D’Onofrio: guitar
Luigi Ferrara : harmonicapiano

‘ Dream dancinhg ‘ “Jazz is an expressive tool as many other ones, everybody has to find his own dimension and I think that is true for any form of communication” (M. D’onofrio)

After many experiences in several different musical groups Luigi Ferrara and Moreno D’Onofrio chose for a more intimist atmosphere: only two musicians for two instruments, harmonica or piano accompained by guitar. The rythmic and melodic game is based essentially on interplay and perfect sharing of the timing. Guitarist Moreno D’Onofrio himself explains the reason of this choice during an interview at the Milestone Jazz Club in Piacenza: “We are very fond of this intimist and acoustic jazz. It’s a way of playing essentialy based on interplay, on the colours of our instruments”.
Our amplification it’s just an extension of the acoustic sound and we give great importance to the research of sound-shades, because everything changes in relation with environment”. D’Onofrio pay great attention to the sound of his instrument: “I think it’s very important the sound I get, my own sound. There are musicians extremely skilled but not capable of playing with their own personal sound, I mean something belonging to them deeply”.

D’Onofrio e Ferrara – ‘ Dream dancing ‘

  1. Indian Summer (Dubin/Herbert)
  2. Dedica ad Alberto (Luigi Ferrara)
  3. Dream Dancing (Cole Porter)
  4. Another day (Luigi Ferrara)
  5. On a clear day (Lane/Learner)
  6. Close enough for love-take 1 (William/Mandel)
  7. Sweet Lorraine (Burwell/Parisi)
  8. Close enough for love-take 2 (William/Mandel)
  9. I could happen to you (Burke/Van Heusen)
  10. Sometime ago (Marco Ferrara)
  11. Simple life (Marco Ferrara)
  12. In love in vain (J.Kern)


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Dream dancing

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