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La fiaba di Joker

Eclettica Daniele Santomauro
La fiaba di Joker

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Artists: Eclettica Daniele Santomauro
Title: La storia di Joker
Genre: Pop Italiano
Package: CD Audio

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Artist: Eclettica Daniele Santomauro
Title: La fiaba di Joker
Genre: Pop Italiano
Release Date: october 2011
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Alessio Cecconello: vocals
Vanni Stefanini: Drums and Percussions
Daniele Santomauro: guitar and programming
Maurizio Sabbatino: Bass
Valter Beccaria: Bass
Alberto Viganò: Bass
Roguel Contreras: Voice
Giancarlo Mariani: Trumpet
Mimmo Valente: Sax
Giovanni Guerretti: Piano

‘ La Fiaba di Joker ‘ The Joker’s Tale From bug to butterfly .. It’s the most fascinating metamorphosis in nature. A project born almost accidentally, mixed with the desire to return to play after years of inactivity. So Daniele Santomauro conceived “The Joker’s Tale”, a “long journey” through colors and sounds of different moods. The precious collaboration given by Vanni Stefanini, excellent drummer and scrupulous producer and by some extremely sensitive musicians, made the realization of this album possible.

Eclettica, Daniele Santomauro ‘ La Fiaba Di Joker ‘

  1. Il lungo viaggio
  2. Cuore di ghiaccio
  3. I segni del tempo
  4. L’alba
  5. Il mio angelo
  6. Aspettando te
  7. Baila conmigo
  8. La fiaba di Joker
  9. Dove il vento
  10. Sonrisas
  11. La forza del coraggio
  12. Mintaka (22/7/2008)


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La fiaba di Joker

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