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First Degree Of Else

First Degree Of Else

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Artists: Else¡
Title: First Degree Of Else
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: Else¡
Title: First Degree Of Else
Genre: Jazz
Release date: may 2012
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords


Samuele Garau: piano
Simone Di Benedetto: double Bass
Giuseppe “Peppe” Risitano: drums

‘ First Degree Of Else ‘ Great trio and great music! I’m proud of Peppe and i think he’s tracing a great musical road; he was already talented although I guided him a little bit over these years and I’m glad he’s arrived at this point, choosing or letting other people choosing him to support an interesting musical project, along with two mates who will also take wings toward whatever artistic goal, Samuele and Simone. A route encompassing stylistic, timbre and compositional views thrugh its identity capable of catching classical and modern flavours of a “tout court” trio. “Rolling” music! when music rolls that means musiciansare playing within a unique blend, thick and supportive of each other in their purposes. That’s what jazz musicians, coming from whatever artistic experience and musical period, share, the wish for new things and to discover yourself again everyday, the wonder of playing music together which should never stop to flood our individual and collective sensitiveness. Else!, great work! join the fray and long live! The world is waiting for you!

Stefano Bagnoli 2012

Else! – ‘ First Degree Of Else ‘

  1. Intro/sunny Day
  2. Dance for the Restless Hearts
  3. Three Days, Four Nights
  4. Bound
  5. Socks and Sloths
  6. Irma
  7. Are You Frisky?
  8. Nardis
  9. My Best Friend
  10. Outro/sunny Day


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First Degree Of Else

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