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Erra, Di Tullio, Goloubev

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Artists: Erra, Di Tullio, Goloubev
Title: Colours
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio
Web Site: Lorenzo Erra

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Artists: Erra, Di Tullio, Goloubev
Title: Colours
Genre: Jazz
Release date: 2004
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Lorenzo Erra: Piano
Giorgio di Tullio: Drums
Yuri Goloubev: Double Bass

‘ Colours ‘ With this first Cd “Colours” a new artistic partnership between outlander musicians begins: Russian Yuri Goloubevand Italian Giorgio Di Tullio and Lorenzo Erra, whose professional collaboration last since a long time through a wide range of different projects, met each other and created the band during an Italian tournée of the double bass player from the ex-USSR, with some Moscow soloists of classical music. When they found themselves in studio for the first time their purpose was to record some “standards” but after the first notes of “Moon and Sand” they realized the deep interplay they shared was beyond the dimension of a simple recording session, foreseeing the capability of this trio. In a few moments it started coming out original pieces, modern jazz tunes and soft ballads: the band recorded in just one day seven original compositions and two standards. The sound of the trio shows itself as full of musical shades, some times “swingin’ ”but not manneristic, other times lyrical but tense and concrete, just like a mirror of band member’s past experiences, throughout jazz, funk, latin and classical music.

Erra, Di Tullio, Goloubev – ‘ Colours ‘

  1. To Bill Evans
  2. Moon And Sand
  3. Along Come Betty
  4. Acqua Dolce
  5. You And The Night And City
  6. Parisian Episode I
  7. Zanz Blues
  8. Chez Moulin
  9. Strane Idee


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