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Flavio Piantoni

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Artist: Flavio Piantoni
Title: Snips
Genre: Fusion
Package: CD Audio

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Artist: Flavio Piantoni
Title: Snips
Genre: Fusion
Release date: february 2010
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Flavio Piantoni: bass
Gianluca Silvestri: guitar
Ruggiero Pazzaglia: drums
Rocco Lombardi: drums

Snips. It ‘the same Piantoni to describe his second work, “Snips”: Each new work created by yourself it’s a real satisfaction, I thank from the bottom of my heart our Creator (call him whatever you want), who gave us this great gift, I mean being able to make music. In my second opus, which many old and new friends has been working on, helping me to make the mos of it, I wished to keep on writing and performing original songs jazzfusion oriented, the kind of music I hold in my heart long since.

Flavio Piantoni – Snips

  1. Tres Små Tosser
  2. Snips
  3. Squirt
  4. Nelopea
  5. Patchy
  6. To Do Not Harm
  7. Fluffy Clouds
  8. Seems
  9. Rolling
  10. Around the River


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