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Gianluca Chiarini Tetra Q artet

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Artists: Gianluca Chiarini Tetra Q artet
Title: JazzSeven
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio
Web Site: Gianluca Chiarini

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Artists: Gianluca Chiarini Tetra Q artet
Title: JazzSeven
Genre: Jazz
Release date: february 2013
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Alessia Obino: voice
Cristiano Da Ros: bass
Dario Zennaro: guitar
Gianluca Chiarini: tenor sax & soprano sax, composition
Luigi Vitale: vibes
Marco Carlesso: drums
Matt Palma: drums
Tom Palma: percussions

‘ JAZZSEVEN ‘ rregular rhythms, typically Mediterranean, blooming in a traditional jazz environment, synthesize this debut recording project by Gianluca Chiarini. Its stylistic unity took shape after years of formal gestation and artisan polishing of arrangements. Listener will be dragged into a continuum loss and recovery of identity through waves and vortexes of rhythmic streams, though being able to cling firmly on european harmonic shades and Afro-American expressive intention. The band leader’s composition and solos concept have been already praised by memorable saxophone and clarinet player Tony Scott, friends and partner of great jazz musicians such as Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday, it happened in the 90’s during a workshop in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso, Italy). A selection of picee excerpted from JAZZSEVEN has bene presente as a preview at Barga Jazz Contest 2011, obtaining at the final performance a gretta approval by audience and positive judgement by eminent masters Pietro Tonolo and Bruno Tommaso. Gianluca Chiarini TETRA Q ARTET avail itself of double synchronic or alternated units, where timbres are an instrumental function dialoging with saxophones or a double harmony of guitar and bass (sometimes el. bass sometimes acoustic), or drums strictly related to percussions.

Gianluca Chiarini Tetra Q artet – ‘ JazzSeven ‘

  1. Happy and clappy
  2. Inframmesso IIIB
  3. Amflifon
  4. Inframmezzo II
  5. Motivo captivo
  6. Inframmezzo IV-V
  7. Lesterofilia
  8. Inframmezzo VI
  9. Modern fax o phone
  10. Piccolo cazzeggio
  11. Zoroastherpex
  12. Inframmezzo VII
  13. Rytm n’boogie
  14. Inframmezzo VII
  15. lute prince suite-Quando ti ripenso


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