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Giovanni Sanguineti Mindfullness

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Artists: Giovanni Sanguineti
Title: Mindfullness
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: Giovanni Sanguimeti
Title: Mindfullness
Genre: Jazz
Release date: february 2010
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Daniele Gorgone: piano
Giovanni Sanguineti: bass
Giovanni Gullino: drums
Grant Stewart: tenor sax

‘ Mindfullness ‘The quartet, made up by Giovanni Sanguineti, Grant Stewart, Daniele Gorgone, Giovanni Gullino, started with some collaborations in NewYork and then materialized during spring 2004, on the occasion of cultural celebration of “Genoa 2004”, after the european promotion of Stewart’s albums produced by Criss-Cross and Sharp Nine records. In 2009 Giovanni Sanguinetti decided to arrange a reunion of the quartet, in order to give life to “Mindfullness”, a second album produced by USR after “Hard to find”; The four musicians’ great musical awareness, friendship and complicity turn into a rich-sounding and accurate work..this CD is a unmissable collector’s item for stylish jazz lovers.

Giovanni Sanguineti – ‘ Mindfullness ‘

  1. Falling In Love With Love
  2. Blue Rose
  3. Pinky’s Waltz
  4. # 1 – Giovanni Sanguineti
  5. Invitation
  6. I’m a Dreamer, Aren’t We All?
  7. Grandfather Waltz
  8. Blue Minor
  9. Open Letter to C.
  10. This Time the Dreams On Me


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