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Horus Percussion Ensemble

Loris Stefanuto
Horus Percussion Ensemble

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Artists: Loris Stefanuto
Title: Horus Percussion Ensemble
Genre: World
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: Loris Stefanuto
Title: Horus Percussion Ensemble
Genre: World
Release date: 2008
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Marco Benato
Bryan Berti
Nicola Carrara
Leonardo Caleffi
Leonardo Ceccardi
Carlo Alberto Chittolina
Sara Gasperini,
Andrea Moè
Loris Stefanuto
Nicolò Vaiente
Gianvito Vizzi.

Special Guest
Mauro Negri : sax on track 3

Horus Percussion Ensemble
it’s a selection of percussionist among the best students of Mantova Music Conservatory, the project is conducted by Loris Stefanuto.
A great variety of sounds, colours and genres it’s interwoven with all the compositions, ranging from J.S. Bach to Jobim, John Cage and Steve Reich, revealing a fluent, brilliant and original outcome, although there’s no harmonic support. Horus Percussion Ensamble besides a musical performance it’s a real outstanding visual experience, not to be missed as a live show.

Loris Stefanuto ‘ Horus Percussion Ensemble ‘

  1. Clapping music
  2. Lion
  3. The girl from Ipanema
  4. Audrey
  5. Divertimento n.10
  6. Preludio
  7. Corrente
  8. Minuetto
  9. Ragtime dance
  10. Soweto
  11. Bandinerie
  12. Colori
  13. Story
  14. Triplets
  15. Um a zero

Come il vento (Massimiliano Alloisio e Loris Stefanuto ) 2008

Mosaico (Massimiliano Alloisio) 2004


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Horus Percussion Ensemble

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