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To Advance

Luigi Bonafede
To Advance

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Artists: Luigi Bonafede
Title: To advance
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio
Web Site: Luigi Bonafede

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Artists: Luigi Bonafede
Title: To Advance
Genre: Jazz
Release date: 2008
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Massimo Baldioli: tenor sax, soprano sax & clarinet
Andrea Allione: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Luigi Bonafede: piano & drums
Loris Bertot: double bass
Ermanno Facchi: percussions

‘ To advance ‘ The groundbreaking strenght of this album consists in Luigi Bonafede’s extraordinary musicality who attempted to play both pianist and drummer’s role. The whole CD is characterized by Luigi alternating on two instruments without any overdubbing: When he was playing drums the harmonic support was provided by Andrea Alione and when he was playing drums rhythmic was entrusted to Ermanno Facchi’s percussions. It’s also notable Massimo Baldioli’s excellent contribution at the sax and Loris Bertot’s one at the double bass; these musicians are irreplaceable fellow travelers in this journey through eight original compositions, characterized by an original and extremely soft sound.

Luigi Bonafede – ‘ To Advance ‘

  1. Filastrocca
  2. Andra
  3. Cenz
  4. Alba
  5. Chasing
  6. Request
  7. Ice Wine
  8. Andra (Reprise)


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To Advance

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