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An Ordinary Week

Marcello Testa
An Ordinary Week

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Artists: Marcello Testa
Title: An Ordinary Week
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio
Web Site: Marcello Testa

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Marcello Testa – ‘ An Ordinary Week ‘

  1. About One Hour
  2. Special Reserve
  3. Afrique
  4. Last Drop
  5. An Ordinary week
  6. Blue Blotch
  7. Mr. Brown
  8. Modi’s Mood
  9. Jungle Prelude
  10. Do It
  11. Lydia & Doria


Artists: Marcello Testa
Title: An Ordinary Week
Genre: Jazz
Release date: 2007
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Marcello Testa: double bass
Lorenzo Erra: piano
Antonio Fusco: drums
Special guest: Claudio Guida-sax, Gianni Guido-guitar

‘ An Ordinary Week ‘ Debut album for Marcello Testa, a refined double bass player who developed his original style over the years, with sensiviteness, elegance and a deep compositional knowledge. These qualities stand out through eleven tracks, each signed by the young double bass player, in which meditative atmospheres inspired by Bill Evans, characterized by a strong originality (About One Hour, Mr. Brown, Modi’s Mood) alternate with ethnic outbursts (Last Drop and Afrique), where the Trio plays host to excellent saxophonist Claudio Guida, until the immersion into a futuristic soundscape with Jungle Prelude. Jazz becomes synonym of influence: Dr&B creeping into the masterly guitar solo by guest Gianni Ludo, Funk coming out from “Do It. This album shows a kind of jazz headed toward the future with a cultured viewpoint, a little bit of romanticism but also some innovation.


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An Ordinary Week

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