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High Energy

New Trio One
High Energy

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Artists: New Trio One
Title: High Energy
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio

Hear it on Believe Digital

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Artists: New Trio One
Title: High Energy
Genre: Jazz
Release date: 2008
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Marco Bianchi: piano
Enzo Frassi: double bass
Maxx Furian: drums

‘ High Energy ‘ New Trio One it’s a project which recalls the obstinate and groovy swing tradition but in the meantime the modernity of actual language; it the result of three great musicians’ musical experiences and invidual careers: Marco Bianchi, Enzo Frassi e Maxx Furian. 

High Energy” represents the constant wish for doing what we really like, always enjoying ourselves when we play together, a unique gift allowing us to express ourselves within a full range. This priceless privilege is possible also thanks to what is invisible but somewhere exists, something that anybody could identify with his own belief or simply with his strenght of will which helps to overcome hurdles : the energy feeding creativiy, a “spiritual well”. Since the ancient age, not by chance, music has been considered a special medium to reach god…! (Marco Bianchi)

New Trio One – ‘ High Energy ‘

  1. Spirit
  2. Medium
  3. Decision
  4. For an Immaginary Child
  5. Hai Ragione bella stella
  6. Bella faccia
  7. Non io so
  8. She Dived In My Heart
  9. Zagazaga
  10. Bohemian Life
  11. Circus in C Minor


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High Energy

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