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The Traveling Train

New Trio One
The Traveling Train

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Artists: New Trio One
Title: The Traveling Train
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: New Trio One
Title: The Traveling Train
Genre: Jazz
Release date: november 2011
Record Comoany: UltraSoundRecords

Marco Bianchi: piano
Enzo Frassi: double bass
Maxx Furian: drums

‘ The traveling Train ‘ Second CD for New One Trio, i.e. Marco Bianchi, Maxx Furian and Enzo Frassi. The route changed again. If the first CD was a a marked return to tradition now is clear a sort of: “go back to the road we left” or better to say “the railway” as the title is “The Traveling Train”. Composition wears different dresses, diversifying itself, it’s such as Marco has always been doing when he begins writing, waiting, catching the insight, feeling free. It’s a journey through melody, soaked in many atmospheres, even romantic, quiet but careful, rich of colours and shades interwoven to an evident presence of sound, where emotions and thoughts chase each other, appearing and disappearing immediately. It’s always jazz, a philosophy, a way of thinking, rather than a label to distinguish a musical genre. To be free is drawing on every single experience, on each single thing in life, actually that’s music, or at least this is our exclusive way to interpret emotions and feelings through notes.

New Trio One – ‘ The Traveling Train ‘

  1. Anyway
  2. Azzurro
  3. Lorelay (My Father’s Song)
  4. My Favorite Things
  5. Strano blues
  6. Lara
  7. Only You
  8. The Traveling Train
  9. Pc
  10. To Michael
  11. The Length of a Smile
  12. Roma non fa la stupida stasera


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The Traveling Train

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