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Nico Di Battista

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Artist: Nico di Battista
Title: Segreti
Genre: World
Package: CD Audio

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Artist: Nico di Battista
Title: Segreti
Genre: World
Release date: november 2010
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Nico Di Batttista: acoustic guitar, nylon guitar, dobro guitar, drums/synth, bass guitar
Gianluca Fuiano: drums, percussions

Nico di Battista ‘Segreti’ The idea arises through a musical continuum, starting from classical guitar sound, crossing different musical styles coming from all over the word, only guided by feelings, erasing anything else that could diverts the emotional target.

No matter what kind of “musical box”, Jazz, Flamenco, Classical Music, the core is a series of images and sensations supporting the action of giving emotions. Let yourself be surprised by Di Battista’s secrets…

Nico di Battista – ‘ Segreti ‘

  1. Segreti
  2. Portrait
  3. O’Vico Vasto
  4. Black Orpheus
  5. Hey Jude
  6. Falsa Rumba
  7. Fede
  8. Io te voglio bene assaje
  9. Pax
  10. Isn’t She Lovely
  11. Polka Dot’s and Moonbeams
  12. Amazing Grace
  13. Silent


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