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Live in Lausanne

Painting Jazz Duo
Live in Lausanne

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Artists: Painting Jazz Duo
Title: Live in Lausanne
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: Painting Jazz Duo
Title: Live in Lausanne
Genre: Jazz
Release date: january 2011
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Emanuele Passerini: Tenor Soprano Saxophones
Galag Massimiliano Bruno Belloni: piano

‘ Painting Jazz Duo – LIVE IN LAUSANNE ‘ Emanuele and Massimiliano play music togehter since 2008 and they reached their third CD. This last one it’s a recording of their concert, performed on June 7th, 2011 at the Christ Church, The Anglican Episcopal Church of Lausanne, Switzerland. We don’t want to tell anything specific about their music avoiding listeners have bias.
We can tell only something about a climax of concentration, intensity and wish for experimentation, more and more the concert goes on, until pieces where Massimiliano comps Emanuele’s saxophones playin the great organ of the church. Everything reaches its peak with the overflowing “canon” and during bis. In some point saxophone sounds far away because Emanuele moves thorugh the nave of the church , trying to let the ambient resonate naturally and involving the audience. The atmosphere is truly magic, that night you could breath each single note, and we hope this CD has catched everything for you listeners.

Painting Jazz Duo – ‘ Live in Lausanne ‘

  1. Gospel (Live)
  2. A Whiter Shade of Pale (Live)
  3. Oh Baby, Don’t Cry (Live)
  4. Black Blues (Live)
  5. Rach, Ny Dear (Live)
  6. Over the Rainbow (Live)
  7. My Favorite Things (Live)
  8. Ligeti legato (Live)
  9. Sunrise in Lausanne (Live)
  10. Manuel’s Oboe (Live)
  11. Canone (Live)
  12. Summertime (Live)


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Live in Lausanne

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