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Back to Back

Paolo Bonifacio
Back to Back

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Artists: Paolo Bonifacio
Title: Back to Back
Genre: Pop
Package: CD Audio

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Artist: Paolo Bonifacio
Title: Back to Back
Genre: Pop
Release date: april 2014
record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Paolo Bonifacio: guityars, vocals, ipad, keyboards, organize, percussion
Deneb Bucella: drums
Roberto Gelli: bass e double bass
Giulio Patara: Vibes and percussion
Alberto Manuzzi: Piano
Stefano Montaldo: Viola
Andrea Giannoni: harmonica
Andrea Paganetto: Trumpet
Tante Hortense: Pandeiro
Costantino Manes: Bass
Claudia Pisani: vocal
Mia Yaniw: vocal
Julia Fabrizio: vocal

BACK TO BACK is the debut album by Paolo Bonifacio, artist and guitar player with Ligurian roots. He studied to become a physicist and teaches maths and physics in Milan, where he lives presently. These fourteen pieces are the outcome after a long period abroad. He has been travelling and living, durin the last ten years, across Canada, Brasil, France, Scotland and England. BACK TO BACK in its turn is like a voyage , both symbolic and stylistic: extremely rich in atmospheres and sound, it’s quite difficult to express an univocal definition. It encompasses pop, rock, blues and jazzy elements along with acoustic elements, such as the balllad “Salvation”, the reinterpretation of the well know folk Genoese song Crêuza de mä (by italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De Andrè) which is the only cover song of the album. Music, lyrics and arrangements are all by Paolo bonifacio.

Paolo Bonifacio – "Back To Back"

  1. Down Down
  2. Crêuza de mä
  3. Pi
  4. Archways 46
  5. Salvation
  6. Tocando Em Canoa
  7. Ain’t No Time
  8. Volastra
  9. Bella Ciao
  10. Pigalle
  11. Over and Go
  12. Archways 45
  13. Ain’t No Time (Alternative Version)
  14. Phi

Paolo Bonifacio – Back to Back

Paolo Bonifacio – Back to Back


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Back to Back

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