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To be Continued

Paolo Faga
To be Continued

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Artists: Paolo Faga
Title: To be Continued
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio
Web Site: Paolo Faga

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Artists: Paolo faga
Title: To be Continued
Genre: Jazz
Release date: september 2011
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords


Giorgio Di Tullio: drums
Alex Carreri: double bass
Mario Zara: piano
Flavio Nicotera: Sax
Paolo Faga: Trumpet

‘ To be continued. ‘ Second album for Calabrian trumpeter Paolo Faga: “To Be Continued”. In this work Faga opens up his musical horizons interpreting, through his black-soul and flawless jazz style, his own musical compositions distinctly original, crossed over and inspired by swing, funky, bossa and classical music. Supported by excellent Di Tullio at drums, Zara at piano, Carreri at double bass and Nicotera at tenor Sax and clarinet, the CD also includes two pieces performed in duo; “So Monk”, trumpet and piano, and Continuum, trumpet and tenor sax. Faga’s style and performing skill sound more and more hard bopper, free, in trumpet sonority, and more and more classical in expressive research into musical taste and sound beauty. A totally enjoyable album, sparkling and never boring.

Paolo Faga – ‘ To be Continued… ‘

  1. Scrux
  2. Hodie
  3. Sanro
  4. Jalzer
  5. The Chicken
  6. So. Monk
  7. Walk
  8. Continuum
  9. To Be Continued


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To be Continued

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