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Touch in progress

Pietro La Pietra
Touch in progress

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Artist: Pietro La Pietra
Title: Touch in progress
Genre: Fusion Package: CD Audio
Sito Web: Pietro La Pietra

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Artist: Pietro La Pietra
Title: Touch in progress
Genre: Fusion
Release date: June 2011
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Musicians : 
Pietro La Pietra: guitars
Fabio Nuzzolese: keyboards
Dino D’Autorio: bass-guitar
Andrea Verardi: bass-guitar
Flavio Piantoni: bass-guitar
Max Furian – drums
Stefano Galli: drums
Giovanni Giorgi: drums
Sandro De Bellis: percussion
Paolo Favini: sax
Daniele Moretto: trumpet
Daniele Comoglio: sax

Touch in ProgressTouch in progress it’s first album by Pietro La Pietra, fusion guitar-player from Milan area, who expresses stylistic versatility and compositional maturity: the nine pieces included in this CD are all instrumental, arrangements are well balanced, rich in sounds and timbre color. It’s a refined fusion mixing modernity and creative variety through a guitar-playing language wich never overflows or hides its quotes or stylistic references. Also not to be undervalued is the artistic contribute by some important musicians who collaborated with Pietro in the achievement of this project.

Pietro La Pietra – Touch in Progress

  1. The Day I Met The Blues
  2. Flying On The Groove
  3. Rhythm and Joy
  4. A Fase
  5. Bheez
  6. Blue Stick
  7. Moving It To the Outside
  8. Open Moments
  9. Without Forgetting


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Touch in progress

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