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Due Metti Una Voce In Giro

Pino Fusco
Due Metti Una Voce In Giro

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Artists: Pino Fusco
Title: Due Metti Una Voce In Giro
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio

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Artist: Pino Fusco
Title: Due Metti Una Voce In Giro
Genre: Jazz
Release date: april 2012
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Pino Fusco: one man one band

‘ Pino Fusco – Due .. metti una voce in giro ‘ This is or should be the most significant synthesis and also each vocalist’s ambition. To be on the stage and “put together”, just through voice, each possible “instrument”, in order to perform a concert without a specified genre classification, but trying to face with most of them, crossing them through a unique central thread, exploiting master’s input the best you can and also relating to several collaborations with excelent musicians, met during years of live concerts and recording session. The natural consequence of this concept turns into this new album “DUE – Metti Una Voce In Giro“! (Lets spread some rumors – editor’s note).Through ten tracks of this CD different rhythmical solutions, conflicting atmospheres, diametrically opposed issues or simple tales, live together, but certainly it has also to be underlined how these songs include colours and sounds from many places around the world, telling something about men and women who lived and still lives there. During live performance so, just vocals and the right and balanced use of electronics (especially a “loop-station”), will give life to a surprising and demanding concert because time after time each instrument’s recording, related to the performed piece, will be done on stage. These, among many others, are ingredients of a project hopefully capable of arousing curiosity, at least for being unusual and for its undoubted difference.

Pino Fusco – ‘ Due Metti Una Voce In Giro ‘

  1. Jonathan
  2. Intro voce
  3. Aborinspiration
  4. Lei
  5. Canzoni canzò
  6. Malafemmena
  7. Digiritutu
  8. Tengo un ritmo
  9. …solo grazie
  10. Alghero blues


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Due Metti Una Voce In Giro

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