Rocco Carella
Abandoned and Forgotten

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Abandoned and Forgotten

Rocco Carella
Abandoned and Forgotten

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Artists: Rocco Carella
Title: Abandoned and Forgotten
Genre: World
Supporto: CD Audio

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Artist: Rocco Carella
Titleo: Abandoned and Forgotten
Genre: World
Release date: september 2017
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Rocco Carella : chitar

Rocco Carella – “Abandoned and Forgotten”
Nevertheless this my new work is an album for guitar solo (with the exception of a Honeysuckle the only piece thinked for guitar and viola) it’s a very various one, since in this my new project I definitely show my love for some of the different styles that have marked my music path with my guitar. Thus, in this contemporary classical guitar solo project can be appreciate influences moving through classical, jazz, fingerstyle, folk, world music and pop as well. It is made of 11 original compositions and 4 original arrangements for guitar solo of famous standards of pop, jazz, italian songwriters music and traditional neapolitan music. One of the piece included Thanks Wes is a jazz ballad dedicated to the jazz guitar master Wes Montgomery, while Um Dia de chuvisco is inspired by fado music and violão, the brazilian classical guitar.

Rocco Carella – ‘ Abandoned and Forgotten ‘

  1. The Maghreb girl
  2. Stella by starlight (Victor Young)
  3. Man in the mirror (M. Jackson)
  4. La via lungo il mare
  5. Abandoned lands
  6. Ciò che mi lascio dietro
  7. Thanks Wes
  8. E se poi
  9. All my love
  10. Um dia de chuvisco


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Abandoned and Forgotten

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