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Mal’s Colors

Silvana Renzini
Mal’s Colors

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Artists: Silvana Renzini
Title: Mal’s Colors
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio
Web Site: Silvana Renzini

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Artists: Silvana Renzini
Title: Mal’s Colors
Genre: Jazz
Release date: 2008
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Silvana Renzini: piano
Maurizio Signorino: sax soprano

‘ Mal’s Colors ‘ it’s a series of pieces dedicated to the great afroamerican pianist who marked deeply Silvana Renzini’s musical path. Mali’s Colors it’s also a cross-project concerned with music and painting along with painter Laura Tornadù within the wider interactive project “rencontre”. The song “Blues in Mal’s Colors”, which started the project, it’s a modal blues, whose main theme it’s a musical acrostic of afroamerican pianist’s name. For what is concerned with used colors correspondance method, blue, yellow and orange rose up from a black canvas: they’re Mali’s Colors! Talking about black, suffice it to remember a composition of his entitled “La Gloire Du Noir”. One of the last compositions, following the timeline, it’s “Moonless Night Chant”: its features are a repeated core-tune and dark atmospheres in refrain A, a 16 bars bridge, characterized by a modular melody, but featuring a certain amount of harmonic variety, and last section C creating a less dark atmosphere like a presage of light. This piece won first prize at “Note Di Donna”, during its second edition in 2008, a contest promoted by Piacenza Jazz Festival.

Silvana Renzini – ‘ Mal’s Colors ‘

  1. Blues In Mal’s Colors
  2. Recollection
  3. Magic Waldron
  4. Moonless Night Chant
  5. Somewhere Else
  6. La danza della luna
  7. Shadow Blues
  8. La luna gioca con la notte
  9. Fading of One Fantasy


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Mal’s Colors

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