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Simone Lisino

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Artist: Simone Lisino
Title: Forever
Genre: Fusion
Package: CD Audio

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Artist: Simone Lisino
Title: Forever
Genre: Fusion
Release date: october 2015
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Stefano Bertolotti: drums
Luigi Scuri: drums
Giorgio Di Tullio: drums
Gianno Nesto: drums
Marcello Testa: contrabass
Andrea Imelio: bass guitar
Roberto Re: bass guitar
Flavio Piantoni: Bass guitar
Ezio Salfa: Bass guitar
Alessandro Balladore: guitar
Lorenzo Guacciolo: guitar
Simone Lisino: guitar
Pietro Bonelli: guitar
Giuseppe Ricciardi: guitar
Claudio Cristoferone: Vocals
Angelica De Paoli: Vocals

This CD is a tribute to a great friend and musician who unfortunately died at the young age of 41 years. The proceeds from this album will be donated to charity.

Simone Lisino – Forever

  1. Molino Alpha
  2. Tema Sarina
  3. Così
  4. Futuro
  5. Doping
  6. Tema Sarina Latin
  7. Open the gate
  8. Dorme


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