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The Elective Band

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Artist: The Elective Band
Title: Jader
Genre: Rock
Package: CD Audio

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Artist: The Elective Band
Title: Jader
Genre: Rock
Relaese date: june 2013
Record Company: UltraSoundRecords

Edoardo Cerea : vocals
Marcello Salcuni: electric bass guitar
Pino Di Pietro: piano – hammond
Alex Carreri: electric bass
Alex Verzella: drums

Mattia Cigalini: sax
Georgia Ciavatta: back vocals

The Elective Band .“Jader”, debut album by Alex Verzella & “The Elective Band” The release of the first CD is always an important moment for any musician, it’s the same for the drummer from Piacenza Alex Verzella, that has recently published the cd “Jader”, which marks the beginning of his new rock-blues band, “The Elective Band.” Next to the battery of Verzella, we can find vocalist Edoardo Cerea, the piano and the organ Hammond of Pino Di Pietro, the guitar of Marcello Salcuni and the bass of Alex Carreri. The production of this album take advantage of some extraordinaire guests such as the well known saxophone player Mattia Cigalini, who, despite the young age, is already broadly affirmed across the international jazz scene and the vocalist Georgia Ciavatta at the back vocals, with her mature and technically extraordinaire voice . Recorded at ““Elfo Studio” in Tavernago (PC) and distributed by “Ultra Sound Records”, “Jader” includes nine covers of rock-blues years (’70, ’80 and ’90), brought to the success by extraordinary artists, among which Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, John Mayer, Robben Ford, Pierre Richard.Verzella toyed with this studio project since a long time, actually he has wanted to devote this cd to his father: “Jader”, in fact, it is the nickname the partisan father received from the Nazis during his imprisonment. Alex Verzella has approached to the music since his young age, having a preference for the Rhythm & Blues and the Funky and he already has had collaborations with group among the rock and blues scene in Piacenza. With “The Elective Band” Verzella heads, therefore, toward a new musical adventure, whose beginning has been sealed by this album.

The Elective Band – "Jader"

  1. Ain’t Nobody
  2. Stormy Monday
  3. Street Lights
  4. I Don’t Need No Doctor
  5. Busted Up
  6. Enough of the Blues
  7. La Grange
  8. Can’t Find My Way Home
  9. I Shot the Sceriff


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