Servizi UltraSoundRecords - USR

Recording studio

Our label has a recording studio where you make:

  • Productions and co-productions
  • Making Audio Master include mixing and mastering
  • Arrangements, realizations of custom music beds, sound settler, radio and commercials, creation of professional video including mountings

UltraSoundRecording Studio

Service audio and lighting

Ultra Sound Records collaborates with the firm Service For You, which provides a complete service to the artists and organizers of events, shows, parties, theater, DJ etc … Also boxes of any sizes, including certifications of compliance, and sound systems custom lighting according to demand.

Service For You

Press office

Ultra Sound Records collaborates with several press offices outside, to allow artists to have a personalized promotion of their product.

UltraSoundRecords distribution

Our distribution takes place through two distinct channels:

1. Digital distribution: digital distribution worldwide is curated by Believe Digital

2. physical distribution: the distribution of physical CDs is done through collaboration with IRD S.R.L .. IRD Srl is present throughout the world, by working with other distributors and stores in other countries. To access the IRD catalog for our record label, you can click on the following link: catalogo IRD.

For businesses

Acquisition and development of editorial projects in all artistic fields (music, drama, poetry, theater) also in collaboration with third parties, in compliance with all regulations S.I.A.E.

  • Realization or radio commercials in general: consulting for the design, background music, voice-overs
  • Design and production schedules radio, television, multimedia
  • Design and production company gadgets with multimedia content on CD or USB support, with custom graphics and printing.